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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

LEGO Star Wars 2017 Desert Skiff Escape review

Another day, another skiff, it seems.  This actually has a very smart, displayable & playable main build, more accurate than earlier attempts and yet very playable.  The Sarlacc, though... hmm...

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  1. Great review on the Desert Skiff Jang. I agree about the geometry of the front cowling a little askew and the angles are a bit forced. BUT on the other side of the coin I like that lego is not making a lot doughy custom pieces for this one. I think Lego is on the cusp of overdoing their custom part inventories. This is a dangerous path for the brand in general. If I want to buy a Seurat painting I am buying into his aesthetic...If I a want to buy a photo realistic illustration that's a whole new genre. I hope for Lego sake they recognize their brand equity is in impressionism and not eye lashes on butterflies. Let the Lego-ness continue...
    Aloha Clint