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Saturday, December 24, 2016

LEGO City 2017 Police Station review - 60141

The new juggernaut of the City is out, and a vocal, but honestly tiny minority of LEGO's fans will dislike it because so many police sets are made to keep the theme fresh.  That won't stop the line from continuing to be a perennial big seller.

Here I take a closer look at every aspect of the newest HQ and talk about my favorite and least favorite aspects.

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  1. Jang,

    I have found an alternative build on by the user, QuikBricks, of what he/she calls a “district office.” It is essentially a small police station with a garage, helipad, office, and a holding cell. I think you should a least look at the pdf file to see if you may be interested in building it on your own time. You don’t have to post a video review on it if you don’t want to, even though some viewers, like myself, might be interested in it. I always have enjoyed what you do with LEGO and all your product reviews and custom builds you do.


    Alex Layne

    P.S. I’m alaynedb on YouTube.