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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Custom LEGO coffee & pizza vendor trailer MOCs

With attention now turned towards the completion of the transit center in the middle of my LEGO city layout, the need arose for some portable vendors.  I decided to mentally chop up a couple of official LEGO designs and use the mash to mold up something new.  Obviously these two use the same exterior design, representing the same make & model of trailer, so my next vendor will start from scratch to avoid excessive repetition.



  1. Wow! I really like these! Thanks for sharing, Jang!

  2. Very nice. I'm guessing that the third food trailer will serve either hot dogs or ice cream. My girlfriend thinks it should serve cupcakes.

  3. Nice work and inspiration!

    Editing the same set at the moment, different builds.

  4. Hi
    My son is 8 years old and wants to build the trailer do you have a movie manual or a tutorial that we can watch? My email is