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Monday, October 10, 2016

Behind the Scenes: LEGO Room Tour

Ahhh this has been a loooong time coming!  Just my ability to make this video to some level of personal satisfaction represents the culmination of a number of major milestones, but I suppose that matters to no-one but myself.  Onward with the tour then!


  1. We appreciate the hard work! Thanks Jang!

  2. Hi Jang,
    have been watching your Videos ever since I left my dark ages. And evertime you show your awesome city I get more and more motivated to work on my own layout.
    I do have a question. How do you keep your tables from sagging/dipping in the middle. (I hope that is the right term, non-native speaker here).
    Keep up the great and inspirational work!


  3. The indoor UV rig is genius. And I cracked up slightly at the sight of a spare Death Star hiding under the table....

  4. Hello sir,looking at your video you have tables and tables that fit underneath for you city. I would like to know where you bought them and the size of the tables. I bought 3 folding tables however, they buckle in the middle. Please, keep up the great videos!

    1. He gets it from ikea. I think the table names are in the FAQ...

  5. Hi Jang. Wow! i love the whole room tour. I'm inspired. I'm currently in the process of building my own lego room. It's a much smaller room sadly but i also have to find space for the boxes too. I'm assuming you keep them, so do you have a clever storage solution for them?

  6. Thanks for all the videos and info about the legos. I'm a big fan of your work.

  7. hi Jang, I have some advice for you. would you mind getting a Lego Ideas account? I have one my Lego Ideas name is yankeeboys2 (because I am a New Yorker.) Hi I am Vinnie and I am 11 years old. I love your Lego MOCS, and reviews. I get my inspiration for MOCS from your creations and branch off with a model of one of yours and make a variation of my own. Lego Ideas is a way to share your Lego Creations. if you get 10,000 supporters your MOC might become a Lego Ideas line set. I'm not just trying to be nice i'm being true I love all your MOCS, and reviewing style. I like the Lego classic town and Lego system set reviews because it shows me what it was like when my uncle was little and when he was growing up. he did have the police car set #611 he dosent remember though I see most of the pieces in a small bag. So I decided to build it again, it was a success exept for the windshield bricks so I got 2 Lego City windshield pieces and they fit perfectly and I like Lego star wars sets. me and my twin brother share the old but updated death star set from I think 2008. I love your very inspiring MOCS and reviews I will try to comment again soon

  8. Hi Jang, I know this isn't the right video to post this in but I just want to say what an inspiration you've been to me and you actually inspired me to start my own Lego collection of my own. So I just want to how meaningful you are to my life