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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mega Bloks buildable Destiny Arcadia Jumpship review

Once upon a time, I was absolutely certain there would never be an official brick-built model of the iconic personal starter ship from the Bungie video game Destiny.  So certain, in fact, that I made my own from LEGO.  Leave it to Mega Bloks to get a popular, serious game-based license and make absolutely incredible models for it.  This thing here is positively incredible in design and accuracy and looks stunning.  Surprisingly, it only uses a handful of new parts, and most of those only contribute very subtly to the wonderful appearance of the finished product.  However, I did encounter something bad in this build, really bad; an old villain I had thought eradicated long ago.


  1. We all know MegaBloks is inferior in quality and usually design to LEGO. You do great reviews, best to focus your time on LEGO as they produce so many sets.

    1. I disagree - I get irritated at "Lego only" snobbery. We're talking about injection molded plastic with respectable engineering tolerance, not cutting edge electronics or high-performance automotive design. Lego's main advantage at this point is brand and a fairly high budget for product development. Multiple manufacturers are making bricks that are indistinguishable from lego bricks at this point; combined with the right budget and design decisions, they create products qualitatively at the same level as Lego.

      If nothing else, Lego should be concerned that other manufacturers are quickly catching up to them in terms of quality, because that will force Lego to stay on top of teir game and not get too complacent.

  2. I would have to disagree, I made the switch to mega bloks when the they were first coming out with the Halo sets based on halo wars with the non-super posable mini figures and Megablox has really gone far. In my opinion Megablox as beaten Lego Not only with the customizable super possible figures but the sets are coming out fantasticly, sure Lego will always be the best bricks around but Mega Blox is getting up there. I love JangBricks reviews of the many sets and I often find myself buying more megablox sets based on His reviews.