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Thursday, June 9, 2016

LEGO City Airport Passenger Terminal review! 60104

Today marked the arrival of another set that a large number of you have asked me to quickly review, so I was happy to drop everything and got right to it!


  1. I do wish Lego had a more brick-ey system for building 8 wide (or 6 wide) aircraft. I can see why it's done this way: impressive size plus two rows of passengers, without needing thousands of pieces, advanced techniques and a killer pricetag. Still, there's got to be a middle way. I had one of their earliest passenger jets, 4-wide fuselage. It did introduce several new, specialised pieces: wings, engines, angled pieces for constructing the fuselage. But most of them could be used for planes and helicopters of different sizes and colour schemes. Or even for other things entirely, like boats and spacecraft.

  2. What is with that terminal, it looks terrible. My airport set from 94 looked way better!