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Monday, May 23, 2016

LEGO Bionicle Summer wave video style change

Effectively immediately, my LEGO large action figure videos will follow the same format as all of my other reviews, with no extra parts & building segments in the beginning.  Below I've attempted to anticipate and answer the questions this will surely prompt.
  • Why the change?
    • Time. Just time. The previous style required a significantly increased amount of work to produce.
  • Why are you no longer willing to spend the extra time for a more entertaining video?
    1. I need more time to work on custom builds for my city layout, which more viewers actively ask for than anything else.
    2. Bionicle as a theme has not made a significant comeback with the reboot; its popularity is very low, and shrinking.  It is not sensible for me to put more time into this theme than others when it's such a small niche.
    3. I realized and accepted that I was dreading making new Bionicle reviews, because of the excessive time required, not to mention many inconveniences of building in the studio.
  • Will you change back if asked enough times?
    • I will not.  I've observed the Bionicle fan community and general viewer responses to new products since the reboot began, and I am 100% confident in my decision.  It is not up for debate or subject to reversal under any circumstances whatsoever (read: don't bother trying).
  • What about Bionicle & other large action figure MOCs? Will those come back?
    • I may do some more eventually, but again, brick-based stuff for my city must maintain the highest priority possible.
  • Your YouTube channel was originally built on Hero Factory & Bionicle, have you forgotten?
    • I have not :)  However, my progression back to the core brick-based building world has been very natural and deliberate, taking over three years.  It feels right to me.  This is what I want and need to do.
To the small, but very engaged Bionicle fanbase that enjoyed the extra elements that made my reviews stand out, I do sincerely apologize.  This is a compromise, and it is a loss in a way, but overall it is for the better for me and my channel on the whole.


  1. Aww... too bad. I understand :)

  2. Fair points. Don't stress yourself out too much over this, it was a necessary change that you had to make. As long as the videos remain high quality I don't think many people will mind the scrapping of the build up section.

  3. Yep. Growing and changing means forward progress.
    There is a wealth of Bionicle and Hero Factory MOCs in the JangBricks archives, so you've definitely put in your time doing those.
    I'm glad you put this Q & A together as an explanation of your decision, and am looking forward to more quality reviews in the future!

  4. Totally understand.

  5. I don't mind the changes. As long as you review sets professionally then I'm all good

  6. This actually only applies to what you said about custom bionicle mocs..

    Will you make a bionicle blank moc ever!?!?!?

  7. It's sad to see that bionicle will never be as great as it once was; I contribute to that as well which is the irony of the whole thing haha, haven't bought any of the new sets but had a ton of the old ones. But thanks for all the great content you make, do whatever it take to make building still an enjoyable process for you!

  8. "Bionicle as a theme has not made a significant comeback with the reboot; its popularity is very low, and shrinking."
    I am really sad to hear that...

  9. Well I think that LEGO wanted to build and create a difrent story for every generation of kids and fans. Older fans of bionicle will never love g2 as g1 just like fans of g2 will not love g3 (if LEGO made it) as g2... Now at days most more of kids are impresed with phones, video games and tablets unlike kids in time of g1 (yes there were kids interesed in games but not as much as now). My friends ate saying that LEGO is stupid and for kids but they are addicted to games and phones. I guess that kids like them are growing in numbers and thats one of the reasons why LEGO didnt get as much popularity as years ago...thats just my opinion.have a nice day everyone...