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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

LEGO Bionicle Quake Beast review! 71315

Alright!  I'm very relieved to see that there's been practically no outcry over my migration of the Bionicle videos to my standard review format.  You all have no idea how good this feels, as it's so much more comfortable and enjoyable for me to do them this way!  Thank you all for your support!


  1. Well, i do cry. Not about change in the videos, no, there's no way not ok-ing that, it's your very own decision.
    But it is sad, really sad to me, that you don't like Bionicle anymore. That is hurting me deep inside.
    I feel dissapointed and it looks kind of a treason to me, how you have turned away from Bionicle. I know this sounds irrational, but this is how i feel about it.
    If you weren't american, you would fit perfectly into the german AFOL-scene by now, with its houses and cars and trains and cars and trains and houses and Gartenzwerge and flowers and loops and tablecloths and trains and houses and cars. You changed the big, phantastic, limitless Bionicle adventure for the big LEGO City dullness a world of boredom. You have so many parts, why not making Bionicle trains, Bionicle houses, Bionicle spaceships? Why not going beyond the borders of the frontyard lawn?
    Do you remember your Queen of the skullspiders MOC? That was beyond comparison, pure awesomeness, you should be awarded for. But, of course, you got the million clicks for the shopping mall.
    So the uncounted number of Bionicle parts in the dimension of ideas and fantasy, that are ready to flow through your gifted hands just in the unique and perfect way to form new, phantastic, unmatched MOCs, will stay there, waiting, waiting.
    Don't get me wrong. There is no offense intended, take these words as an expression of my sadness about a big loss for the AFOB around the world, there are so few AFOB right now, everyone who leaves, counts twice.
    On the other hand, i probably might take this all to serious, in the end it is all just a matter of taste. You like what what you like, i like something else, how could i complain? It just doesn't make sense. But i feel undeniably sad.

    1. Oh, well, thanks. I'm glad, that i'm not the only one. Allright...LEGO City is not completely boring, but, man, he invented a tabletop game! And that was with Bionicle.