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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mega Bloks official vs. custom LEGO Destiny S-10V Sparrow

When I made my Destiny Sparrow MOC back in 2014, I was 100% certain there would never be any official plastic brick-based toys made for the franchise.  People (myself included) were already asking for Mega Bloks to apply their magic to Bungie's latest big game, but hopes were between low & non-existant.  The game was very polarizing in its initial incarnation and I, myself, lapsed fairly quickly.  Destiny managed to hold onto a very strong core fanbase, though, and subsequent expansions & updates improved practically every aspect.

In February 2016, Mega Bloks pleasantly surprised a ton of folks with the announcement that not only had they acquired the Destiny license, but they already had a first wave of sets in production, with more to follow later.  Getting the first sets in my hands rekindled my interest in the game and I've since happily resumed playing.

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  1. Jang, I read your write up (and then watched the video), and I saw the other day that you mentioned you hadn't played destiny much since year one.
    Cool to see that you're getting back into it, and I wanted to offer my Clan's willingness to help you run anything you might want to do. The core members are a bunch of super chill guys, and everyone's super willing to help people out.