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Monday, March 7, 2016

Massive LEGO giveaway time!

It's #iHazAbox time, but in reverse!  With most of the first wave of 2016 sets reviewed and my long-planned old vs. new fire station comparo out of the way, I finally get to do my big seasonal charity giveaway.  This estimated 40 lb. box is headed off to an organization I've supported in the past, The Giving Brick.  They are a phenomenally selfless and hard-working family-based organization about which I can't say enough good.  If you or anyone you know have any extra or disused LEGO to spare, please consider passing the lot along to a charity that can process them for the benefit of kids in need.


  1. Thtas great news! I'm sure that will have a positive affect on many children

  2. Can lego set a Star wars star destorer PLEASE

  3. I would like to have that think of all the cool stuff i could make and maybe in the future i could turn out like jangbrick