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Saturday, February 13, 2016

New JANG City non-progress & self-punishment!

Ah yes, the city layout.  That second-class citizen of my LEGO life.  Woe is it.  Well, I did make some changes affecting a noticeable portion of it this week, so as promised, since there's an update, I've made an update video.
Stuff yet to be developed that has been in the plan since 2013:
  • Tall office buildings
  • Custom freight harbor with ships, containers, crane, trucks, etc.
  • Pet store
  • Residential neighborhood with houses and possibly an apartment complex
  • Planetary Defense Force base
  • Passenger train station with elevated rail transfer
  • Second elevated rail stop
  • Industrial area
  • More cars, trucks (passenger and commercial), other normal vehicles you'll find in any city
  • More people (kids, men, women)
  • More...


  1. Just realised that I'm logged in as my wife. Oh well. So jealous, I love the idea or skyscrapers, an in construction one would be great a-la Lego movie. Love the nexo layout. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Maybe you can make a commitment to yourself (and us :) ?) to work on city one day per week and not doing other videos that day? This will give you at least 4 days per month just for a city? Looking forward to more city updates.

  3. It's cool, Jang.
    Don't beat yourself up for it.
    None of us are mad at ya.
    We know you set a very high standard for yourself, because it shows in the quality of your product.
    Be careful that or your personal passion and hobby don't become drudgery and grudge work.

  4. Jang, please don't hurt yourself. The recent progress on your hospital shows you are amazing at creating custom stuff. All artists will have more ideas than they can ever turn into reality.

  5. Not wanting to be a Grammer cop... but Jang... you misspelled the word "Trucks" in the third bullet from the bottom. It says "crucks" instead. Sorry just had to point that out... other than that I like what you have done so far with your Lego City moc. I also can't wait to see more videos and updates for it in the future.

  6. Love it. Are you gonna make reviews on 3 other modular building sets: Cafe Corner, Market Street, and Green Grocery.