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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LEGO Speed Champions Chevrolet Camaro Drag Race review! 75874

This set features a brand new 6th gen 2016 Camaro lined up against a heavily modded 1969 SS that has, unexpectedly, two different power adder options.  Where's the traditional Christmas tree, though?


  1. Hey dude. Just watched your lego Camaro video. Nicely done. One point of concern though, if I may. The black Camaro appears to be a RS Z/28. The hideaway headlights (the little screens over the headlights) were part of the Rally Sport package in 1969. As for the hood, if the model were changed to represent a stock 69 RS Z/28, I would say it's the factory hood. The Z/28 had a slight cowl running the length of the hood that also functioned as cowl induction. Otherwise, great review.

    Taylor in Michigan

  2. nicely done as always....really enjoying your reviews and videos. I checked on line to try and purchase this and could not find anywhere but ebay. Do you know where it might be in stock?