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Thursday, February 18, 2016

LEGO Classic Batman TV series Batcave set build & review! 76052

Must buy!  Best set ever!  Made by LEGO and therefore the pinnacle of perfection!

This is none of those things, in my opinion :)  Some of the components are really cool, but especially for the price, the entire set has too many misses, too many areas that appear or feel half-finished.  Even play value is diminished by some of the design choices.

Have a look at the review, if you would, and let me know whether you agree.


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  1. Hi. Late commentation. Gifted myself with this nice and really well done (IMO) set for this years x-mas. Actually the hollow garage started to grow on me a little bit, so I rearranged a few tiles on the back door, mor or less closing it and removed the rear ramp. Doing so provided some space on the ground plate for making this space the laboratory with the taple an the shelf inside.