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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Lately I've been making small silly mistakes with some frequency, usually obvious word substitutions.  I apologize for this.  I've looked into the problem thoroughly and it is clear that I am pushing beyond the limit of my mental capacity of concepts & facts to hold top of mind.  The things I'm juggling include every single key event, location, character, and vehicle (with proper pronunciation of each, etymology & canon evolution as appropriate) in all 7 Star Wars movies plus much of the 121-episode Clone Wars series which I've recently re-watched, plus all 8 main Halo game campaigns, plus the current seasons of Ninjago & Nexo Knights.  Adding to all of this are the relatively short-term memory needs of the parts, builds, and backstories of each of the over 100 "2016" sets I've reviewed as of this 4th week of January. I'm also of course chronically mildly sleep deprived (better to work & produce videos to entertain everyone than to rest!) and additionally got sick this past week like so many other folks ('tis the season).

The evidence could not be more clear that my brain is too small & feeble to handle more of this, so I have no choice but to scale back the demands I make of it.  After prioritizing my options, I'm going start by cutting back on responses to the endless stream of incorrect viewer challenges to (correct) facts presented in past videos.  I probably waste too much time defending correct statements anyhow, so this will have multiple benefits.  Having processed & held onto so much information about fictional universes, it's sensible to let much of it fade from the fore and just brush up as appropriate when needed for specific new reviews.  Not knowing something in the first place always makes it difficult to acquire a full understanding on command, and a lot of context is often mixed.  Re-activating old knowledge, though, brings with it most of the little cross-references & histories that were learned over time, but can't be quickly gleaned from a simple web search or Wikipedia scan.

Surely it will also help that I'm getting over my brief sickness, and I'm down to less than 30 new sets in the queue to review, so I'll soon have the option again to adopt a more reasonable schedule that includes some rest.


  1. We're all proud of you Jang, I personally have never cared for little mistakes like the few you pointed out, because I just love watching the reviews you put up as does everyone else and are happy that you're still making them with same enthusiasm into your videos since you started! So take it easy and just do the most you can!

  2. Jang, there is no need to apologize for anything. People like you because of your personality and the way you present Lego sets.
    A fan of your reviews from Europe.

  3. It's like I always say when I make an error and someone else points it out..."Perfection Stinks!" ;-)

  4. Jang, there is no need to apologize. You are such a perfectionist when it comes to your reviews, and I can understand it pains you to make even the most minor mistake. However there is no need to feel bad. We love your reviews as they are. When you talk about the stories perhaps just mention a little disclaimer - like you remember the story/character/etc. in a particular way and people can correct you in the comments if it is otherwise. Getting comments where people correct something is a good thing. It means that people are watching your videos and take them seriously. Allow people to help you. Engaging this way just strengthens the community. :)

  5. Hallo Jangbricks
    I like you Lego Videos. I have seen them
    A lot of times .My favourite sets are city
    Sam Movie sets and 1 Ninjago set.
    I am little bit intristing on Lego technic,
    I like Legos. I have a question for you,
    Can you borrow in the USA Lego stuffs(In Shops)
    Or not can you answer please ?
    Leon from Germany

  6. It amazes me how quick people are to point out other people's fault. When someone does what you are doing (going out, buying new sets, putting them together, filming videos, editing videos, etc), then maybe they have more room to talk or if they did do what you are doing they empathize with what you are doing and keep their mouth shut. Either way, you are doing a great job and everyone is going to make mistakes. The only advice I dare make is maybe take a breather now and again and make sure you are getting enough rest. Keep up the great work!

  7. Don't detriment your heath for our sake, Jang! :D

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