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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mega Bloks Halo Delta Series full review + chase figures!

Finally got my last figure from this series to allow me to do a full review of the latest mystery pack Halo micro action figure series from Mega Bloks.  For the first time I've been able to pick up the transparent/active camo "gummy" figures quickly enough to include them here as well rather than covering them in a later video.


  1. Hey Jang! Love your reviews, makes it very easy to determine if a setnis worth buying. Just wanted to mention that the pink Hermes minifig, along withnall others that use the female torso also use a new mold for the hips which tapers in towards the top.

  2. my favorite is the flood fig and the imperial grunt mainly because i collect floods and i love the deep purple on the imperial grunt also, grunts are cute af