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Saturday, January 2, 2016

LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana review! 75139

I sigh.  This set tears me apart.  The price doesn't seem right, at all.  However, it's the cheapest way to get not one, but two figures that are otherwise only available in separate sets that are still more expensive.  It also has an exclusive (so far) version of one, and a fully exclusive additional, important figure, as well as two of the much-loved troopers (including memetrooper TR-8R himself).

The price still doesn't seem right, though.  At all.


  1. (Warning, potential spoilers for Star Wars: Episod VII might follow)

    Completely agree. I think that, as part of a battle terrain, this set looks really good, especially if you set the "battlefield" up the way after the it's destruction in the movie, during the battle. The minifigs are fantastic, and those are the probably the biggest reason people will buy this set. Yet, the price per part is just absolutely ridiculous.

  2. I bet some people will buy this set JUST for TR-8R. I'm gonna buy it (hopefully) just to jump back onto the LEGO Star Wars train. Besides, I like all the figures that come with the set :3

  3. Spare a thought for us Australians having to fork out $90 AUD for this