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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

LEGO Creator Brick Bank detailed review! set 10251

Here's the latest LEGO modular building, the Brick Bank, in hand & looked over from all angles.  This one has some fun & sneaky play features that can be used to tell a story much like the Detective's Office.  The set introduces some new prints (zero stickers!) as well as useful new colors of shared parts.  Some nice minifig components in there, too!


  1. Hey Jang! Love your reviews and I am super excited to get this Brick Bank. I can't find it where I live in NC. Could you let us in on what stores have this set early? I can't wait to build the laundry mat and "launder" some money!


  2. hey jang how did you get the brick bank before it came out

  3. Hey Jang if you had to chose between the Brick Bank, Parisian Restruant or the Detectives Office what one would you choose and why?

    Many Thanks Ethan :)