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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Custom LEGO hospital MOC progress #3

Recently I've mentioned that I was unsatisfied with how little MOC & city work I've been able to do, and I promised to expend extra effort to correct that deficit.  I've been doing just that, and this week finally made some time to get back to my hospital.

Unfortunately I have just over one further week of breathing space before the next huge LEGO release season begins and all effort diverts back to the foundation of the entire JANGBRiCKS channel (new set reviews), but I'll try to make the best of the remainder of this intermission :)


  1. Hello, could you please tell me how to get hands on lego steam train 4-4-0? I really would like to get it before x-mas 2015. Any chance? Thanks a lot.

  2. Excellent to hear. I've just been looking over the upcoming releases for December 1. Some good-looking stuff on there. Can't wait to watch. Thanks for what you do.

  3. I'll call Santa to postpone Christmas. After that, Lego could release their sets at a later moment as well. Great to see you come back at this.

  4. Hi Jang,

    I dont know how to contact you - but my son is a HUGE fan and I wanted to see if there is anyway you could either send him a signed photo or record a 30 second video wishing him a happy birthday? His birthday is January 3rd. I guarantee he's watched 1,000 hours of your videos over and over again. (He is upstairs watching right now!) Please let me know, if not I understand. Thanks! Mike Wolfe in Colorado

  5. Looks like some locations have got them as well, and 9 small sets are shown online.