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Sunday, September 6, 2015

LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle build & review! 75104

It's the end of the line at last, or should I say already?  Here's my final first wave Force Awakens review.  The next wave will probably drop very late in December. Probably.


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  1. Hi Jang,

    I like the way you modified the kylo ren shuttle and I am true purist when it comes to the movie. You are the only reviewer that touched on the set needing to have the wings be able to be angled like they are in the trailer for the actual movie. I bought the set and I have not built it because I want to build it and display it like you have modified it. Since you don't do personal emails or I don't think you would because you would be inundated with tons of email for all your great reviews, videos etc. I would like to ask you to post the piece numbers that you used to modify the wings so I have the chance to buy them from Brick Link etc. so I can make the model look the way yours does. You do a great service to the lego community and I watch all your videos and I read your blog often so I can make decisions on what to buy when things are being released. Thank you for that :0)

    Thank you again,

    or you can email me to