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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

LEGO Creator 2015 Winter Toy Shop review! set 10249

Early public comments on this set, immediately after its announcement, were horrible, with every possible form of the tired "designers getting lazy" and "corporate greed" arguments being sung in a deafening, shrieking chorus in blog & news comments around the globe.

My review offers... a different view.


  1. Hey JANG, could you please possible review some Lego Harry Potter sets. I just recently started re-reading the books and I am considering purchasing one.

  2. Hi Jang

    Just a quick comment to thank you for your wonderful videos. I've made some great Lego and Playmobil purchases for my daughter based on your recommendations and now she's a very happy bunny with some terrific toys!

    Your reviews have been invaluable - clear, detailed and concise. You're creating a fantastic online resource - long may it continue. Many thanks!