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Monday, August 10, 2015

Mega Bloks Call of Duty Legends Battle Tank (Sherman) review

Here's the last of this season's big Mega Bloks Collectors series vehicle/craft sets, at least for now.  This one seeks to replicate the historic M4 Sherman tank series, achieving varying levels of success, depending upon what part of it you look at.  Overall I think it's an excellent toy, but as a display model & war replica it suffers a bit of an identity crisis.


  1. Awesome looking set, awesome review! Have you ever played World of Tanks or War Thunder Jang? It's nice to see that Mega Bloks is still producing WW 2 vehicles! If you like tanks, try the KAZI WW2 sets! I own the Pz 3 (which is actually a Pz 38 (t) ), Pz 2 Ausf. J, US M2 Half Track and a Us Jeep. I ma going to buy the Pz 4 and the legendary Tiger tank!!!! A lot of people call these sets crap because they are Chinese, but I decided to take the daring step and gave them a spin!!!! I am not disappointing at all! The brick quality is good, the designs are good as well. I do advise that these WW2 KAZI sets are for more advanced brick lovers. The best part is that you could make the KAZI sets with LEGO pieces! I wish I could share with you the pics I have of my sets so far!


  2. As with all COD sets, this is another good collectible piece, except that I had issues with the tank tracks. It cracked in a couple of areas, and even after fixing them, other areas of the tracks cracked as well. Anyone with the same problem?

  3. Yes. Mine broke as well. I got replacement parts, but the replacements cracked just from sitting on the shelf for a few days. All breaks occurred where the tracks were rounded/creased from new.

    1. Mine broke as well. How did you get the replacement tracks?