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Sunday, June 14, 2015

LEGO Jurassic World sets vs. Movie - How'd they do?

This evening my wife & I watched the Jurassic World movie and quite enjoyed the experience.  However, it gave me a 2-hour opportunity to finally compare the LEGO JW sets to the actual source material.  Some things were spot-on, within reason.  Others?  Definitely not!  In this video I take one last look at the sets and give my thoughts on the good & the bad from a perspective of authenticity.


  1. Why didn't Lego make a mosasaurs it would of played a bigger role and can go with new underwater city sets?

  2. Hey Jang,
    You can get the smallest Jurrasic World set, the Galliminus Trap at some Toysrus stores.

  3. Hi Jang,

    since I missed two things in the line up of the Jurassic World theme very dearly - the Triceratops and the T-Rex Hunter helicopter of the last Dino-theme - I just made my own version of the set, which I feel should have been made. So have a look:

    Best wishes, Tomarr

  4. Why are all these animals carnivores?