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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

LEGO Jurassic World gameplay! JP pt. 1 Prologue + commentary

Plenty of folks have asked me to do gameplay videos, but I've been exceptionally reluctant  Finally I decided to give it a try.  Being new to this type of video, I will surely be making a lot of mistakes and need to fix a lot of things & grow a lot over time, just like I've done with my reviews & MOCs.

My intent as usual is to try to find my own style, not following any previously established examples.  What actually feels natural to me is focusing a little extra on the LEGO side of the visuals & gameplay, rather than the well-known scripts of the original source material.  There's just a ton of stuff in these games that anyone & everyone can & has talked about, and I want to bring something less common to the table, if possible.

Do note that this first-ever gameplay video does not mean the end of reviews, MOCs, and my city.  It does not mean I'm turning JANGBRiCKS into a gaming channel.  It's just some much-requested additional entertainment content, the key & operative word being "additional."

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  1. Do Jurrasic Park, I have not yet seen Jurrasic World.