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Friday, June 26, 2015

LEGO city update & walkthrough Jun. 2015! 246 sq. ft. layout!

In the past two months I've posted six update videos detailing changes in & additions to my layout, section by section.  Today I've put up a rare walkthrough cramming the contents of the entire city into one video :)


  1. Hello Jang, I just wanted to say thank you, Thank You for the inspiration , the ideas, the videos. I have been watching your videos since 2012 and you have inspired me to build my medium sized Lego city and Mocs, and my absolute FAVORITE are the Jurassic World sets. And I think it would be awesome if you made Jurassic World mocs based on the movie with the cool pieces and dinos . I really like how you have integrated the lego city sets with your mocs. happy building! sincerely, anonymous p.s. if you want to you can send me the large Lego cargo boat hull and a few boat related pieces ,and I can build you a cool Lego cargo boat and I can send it back to you. [ ;

  2. Hello, Jang , I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Hey Jang, I just had an idea I thought I would share. I was thinking about the spaces between the tables and thought that you might be able to put a blue or green base plate to simulate a park or an ocean, and glue plates to the underside of the table, so when you need to get in to access it, you could just un-snap the plates and then put them back up when you are done. To solve an issue of it being to low, you could just build up the bricks and it would be kinda-ish good maybe. Also, Thanks for the videos!


  4. Hey Jang you've inspired me a lot i now have a MOC series of Lego how to build videos on my channel Marks Legos... But what i meant to say i had Legos forever but had no good ideas... Thanks ;)

  5. Hi mr.jang i really like the new custom/city sets combo. Its turned out good so far. The very first video i watch was the mall. I have been watching your videos since november 2014.
    I can not wait until the hospital is done. I loved the fire station and police station.
    Thanks to you i made a police/fire station combo.

    you have inspired me a lot thank you

    P.S. i think you should make a race track. :):):):):)

  6. Your reviews are awesome thank you. I love your city. Just a question for you where do you get your tables?

    1. A good way to get such tables is getting a table top and individual legs at ikea or other furniture stores. Alternatively get a wooden board somewhere and add legs :)

  7. Hey Jang, I really love your city and the fact that you have such a great passion. I share that passion and hope to one day also have such a grand display. You are really one of my favorite Lego Reviewers and a great role model/inspiration.

  8. Is the LEGO city walkthrough Jun. 2015! 246 sq. ft. layout for sale

  9. I will give you 500 for the LEGO city walkthrough Summer 2015! A 245 sq. ft. layout if it for sell