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Saturday, May 2, 2015

LEGO Star Wars UCS Tie Fighter review! set 75095

From my earlier to-go box, here's LEGO's latest Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series set, the TIE Fighter.  I expected this to look fairly accurate, but to be fairly boring to assemble and uninspired as a LEGO product on the whole.  I mean, a TIE Fighter is just two stretched hex plates with a ball on a stick between them.  As it turns out, this was enjoyable to build and I picked up some inspiration & knowledge from it!
That's eight hours of building, filming, & editing a nearly 1,700 piece set, wrapped up in 8 minutes!

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  1. jang if you added the brick i mart try to minimize the simpson house so it can fit in the house area plus lot of fans want to see the simpson house in your city because you already added the brick i mart