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Saturday, May 30, 2015

LEGO Ninjago City of Stiix build & review! set 70732

Another big Summer Ninjago set.  A Toys R Us exclusive in the US & UK, apparently.



  1. Jang you are the best youtuber ever, ninjago has been one of my favorite series in lego. You are awsome jang, stay inspirational!

  2. say jang could you start rating sets from 1-10. 1 = useless 5 = ok but not a must buy 8.5 = great
    10 = must buy

    1. Nah numeric scales are far too simplistic & absolute for this sort of thing. A minifig polybag can't be rated on the same scale as a $100 playset or $250 expert display model.

  3. Jang, should I buy this set or the Final Flight of the Destiny's Bounty?