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Saturday, March 28, 2015

New JANG City update Mar. 28, 2015 - Slow progress

LEGO has been of lower priority than all the rest of important things in life this past few weeks, but here's a brief look at what's been going on in the city, along with some reminders about what's coming up.
Also don't forget about the list at the bottom of my old queue, which remains valid on the new layout!  Pretty much all the stuff I've talked about building for the past couple of years, is still in the plan :)


  1. Are you going to put an airport into your city?

  2. I'm waiting for your next Lego City Update!

  3. Hey Anoymous and Janbricks can you plz watch my blog it's about my holiday trip to legoland

  4. good job! Keep up the good work!