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Saturday, March 14, 2015

LEGO Pirates 2015 - ALL sets wrap-up!

With all of the new wave of Pirates sets reviewed, I figured it was time for a quick look at all of 'em together (sans the chess set, which obviously doesn't fit).  Recorded just minutes before these were all boxed up to send off to charity.


  1. Jang,

    I agree with your thoughts on these sets wholeheartedly. There should have been more for initial release though. The pirates side of this reboot seems kind of lack luster and diminutive. The Soldiers side on the other hand seems more filled as you stated. I grew with the LEGO and at one point almost owned all the sets. To be honest, these do not feel the same at all. I miss the blue base plates and raised ones too. Also for names sake, why did they call it Soldiers Fort when this is more like an outpost even with the Outpost attached. When they say Fort I think the the majestic Eldorado Fortress. This looks like a very extended version of Broadsides Brig. I have noticed a strange trend also that LEGO seems to be following. It seems that they are making sets that have large pieces or parts to save on the piece count and the ones you do get seem almost too specialized. That brings up another point which I have noticed and so have you. There are NO suggestions on alternative build for these sets on the back of the boxes or instructions like LEGO once did. Has anyone else noticed this? It almost seems that the lack of proper pieces to create your own ideas is almost deliberate. By allowing for too many specialized parts to make ONLY the main set kind of defeats the main idea behind a LEGO set, to use your imagination and create new things! Maybe I am looking too much into this... anyone else see this as well?


  2. WOW! I like LEGO pirates, I don't care what they are about!
    I even like building krakens that adapt into the bottom of the ships, so that the tentacles come up from the sides!