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Monday, March 9, 2015

LEGO classic Town Mobile Command Unit from 1986! set 6676

Check out this little set and compare it to its modern-day analogues such the 2014 and 2011 versions!

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  1. Hi Jang!

    In Germany (where I am from), this set bore the name 'Radar-Kontrolle'. Quickly checking my old LEGO catalogues from back then, it had the additional description " Absperrger├Ąt und Polizisten". This translates into English as "Radar control with barriers and police officers".

    Therefore, as a child, I always deducted/imagined that the little brick with lever and trans-green 1x1 round plate is supposed to represent a speed enforcement radar device, sending the speed measurements via the lever antenna to the control van's dish antenna (also with a trans-green round plate), and with the computer and the map, the officers can check where the signal/transgression came from.

    These semi-mobile non-invasive (as in: not road-surface-integrated) radar devices are quite common in the countries of Central Europe. On Switzerland's wonderful autobahns, speed check areas are even highlighted with a traffic sign saying "Radar": Here's one Jenoptik of Germany produces:

    Maybe that helps a bit with the mystery black brick box?

    BTW, Legoland set descriptions in Germany were always very extensive and exact in the catalogues, and especially hilarious for 'Space' sets... as a child, whenever the new catalogue came out, I spend countless moments trying to match the techno-babble to specific parts or builds of the sets. Well, got me into science, I guess :-)