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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Custom LEGO dual-cab diesel-electric locomotive

Finally, my first MOC since the move!  It's a funky-looking thing for which I've received the key inspirational parts in a few Bricklink hauls over the past (some number of) months.  There's no basis in reality, but I did look at hundreds of pictures of real dual-cab engines to try to put myself into the right frame of mind to create something at least moderately feasible.

With this one done, I find myself already itching to make another function-before-form type of locomotive as soon as possible.  Something tells me my switching yard will be filled up before I know it, so I might as well get my under-table overflow yard set up too, huh?


  1. Nice one! I especially like the nose on this loc. Can't wait to see the yard filled. Hopefully that area gets developed too. Those trains need a lot of maintenance. :-)

  2. Very nice jang. Do u mind me asking why u never reviewed or owned the emerald night? The number 1 Lego train!