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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Complete LEGO Classic Space collection - 1978 to 1988!

Complete at last!  It only took about 1 1/2 years, but I've collected one of every known publicly-released LEGO Space theme set with the original style of minifigs, not including extra minifig-only packs :)  It has been a labor of love and incredibly satisfying ticking the "I Own" boxes in the Brickset master list one by one.
Now I just need to figure out exactly what to do with all of this stuff at the new house!  I'm more than 90% committed to keeping it all, but a large part of me wants to work on custom creations to fit with the theme.  I don't need to be getting distracted with this now, though; I have a big new city to work on!

So much LEGO, so little time...


  1. nice! i owned several sets back's such a nice hobby! :)

  2. You go bro! I'm gonna be like this when I get older....and have enough money ;) all that hard work and hours of working had paid off!

  3. I remember so many of these sets from my youth

  4. Wow. That is my childhood in one picture.

  5. Nice. These were some of my 1st forays into LEGO sets, some of the post Classic sets/lines (UFO, Blacktron, Space Police) were pretty cool but just loved the simpler explorer themed lines. As far as I remember there weren't villainous adversaries, just ships & bases that were outposts for discovery.

    I know times & tastes change but I keep hoping we'll see the line return. I have absorbed many of the aliens of newer lines & made them part of a large Federation ala Star Trek.

  6. That's awesome I do have a question for you. Where do you find the old sets you buy? I'm looking for alot of the late 80's threw mid 90's sets to share with my kids and to bring back alot of great memories and make some new ones