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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Long day, good outcome

My memory is already fuzzy on how I managed to get the Quinjet review rendered & published early this afternoon, but the focus of the day was managing contractors at the new house, a task which turned into acting as an apprentice electrician when one team showed up short-handed.  The good news is that we have completed the installation of a positively glorious lighting system for the new main LEGO layout room.  The buildup was frustrating, but the end result far exceeds expectations & desires and has me considering stepping up my lighting game in the recording studio as well.

At the end of the first full workday at the new house, I picked still more new sets from Toys R Us, recorded a few videos this evening and got a couple of them rendered & edited.  Tomorrow will include (hopefully) another long recording session or two to help refill some of the buffer queue of uploaded, but unpublished videos, while also pushing out some more 2015 stuff.  After that break from work, to work, I'll be working on the new house some more :)

What's really great is that the successful light installation means I can start transferring tables & setting them up.  I have some from Mellemby plus some spares ready to go, and the main (old) layout is very nearly clear, with an update video coming pretty soon.  Once tables start moving, you'll see the new layout get populated with stunning rapidity since I've been able to pack up almost everything with minimal disassembly and the overall new layout has been planned out on the computer.

I can't wait to move forward on these next few big steps!  I wish there wasn't another batch of LEGO releases that just hit the streets; I want to bring The Layout to life, right now!


  1. Hi Jang!
    I really like your piece video! I always like to find what are the special pieces of Lego model to help me determined my lego sets for the current year that I buy. I congratulate you for your 300k subscribers! I tanks you for the videos while you are moving. I also try to figure out what is your time zone and I am puzzle. I though your living in the USA, but since you are in the afternoon while I am in the morning (Canada, Quebec) then maybe your in Europe. UK don't have the accent. Plus you're buying Toy R'us? Back to Lego, I like the Quinjet set, and I may end up buying it. Due to my budget limitation maybe not. I like the overall model except two things the back of the plane is not that great and the small truck is cab is too narrow for the vehicule. These are my taught!

    I also, like to say that the Avenger Tower is one of my favorite so far this year.

    Star wars favorite models are the new Tie version and the new AT vehicule. These are part of my first Star wars buying models of 2015.

    The Star Wars Slave 1 was never my favorite and I wouldn't buy it, but the new slave 1 version is like attracting me, it's almost hypnotizing me or some yami- vodoo sort of thing to me.

    All the best! Your part of my lego decision source's to buy or not a specific model!!


    1. Read his bio page, or follow his other YouTube channels. He's in California.