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Thursday, February 26, 2015

LEGO Pirates 2015 - Soldiers' Outpost review! set 70410

One of the smaller 2015 Pirates sets, featuring a decently balanced split of parts between the two sides.

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  1. Knowing that you have a ton of comments to sort through and read, I am still going to post this in hope that you do catch a glimpse of this and read it. ;-) Again you make an awesome review! I have been seriously considering purchasing at least 2 of these sets and 2 Soldiers Forts for my kids and the for the kids inside of me! I almost had all the early 90's Pirate sets but unfortunately when when my parents left NY they left them behind! NO!!!! LOL! Great memories indeed! As for this set itself, I agree wholeheartedly with you. The integration is seamless. That and that pirate raft, well, I would have wished that LEGO would have taken the pieces in the raft and maybe make something more for the soldiers base. Maybe a jail? An extra room in the tower? Maybe even make the set wider and longer with more room for figure placement? I just do not like the raft at all. My son and I sit and watch your videos and are looking forward to your next!