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Thursday, February 12, 2015

LEGO Classic Space Sonic Robot from 1986! set 6750

Here's a relatively small set to be using the 9V battery box system for (a) light & sounds.

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  1. I did have this set back in the 80ies (and I surely have it somewhere in my stash). The thing is: I hated the set back then. It was dumb. A dumb robot with dumb playfeatures and dumb little scooters. Nowadays I understand, what Lego tried to do: Selling a Light&Sound set at a moderate price. But they did it wrong. If they had put in some more electric plates, well, then I could have build something more exciting from it. So it ended as shelfwarmer in my room and was never really played with. Woa, I really dislike it even now, looking at it. ;o))

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