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Friday, February 27, 2015

LEGO Blacktron Message Intercept Base from 1988! set 6987

Spacebase!  The largest vintage LEGO space set I've reviewed to date, no?  I'm definitely going to get more of the first Blacktron series sets in the future.


  1. What an amazing set!!!! This is one of the best space sets ever created! It also shows the collector and/or child some really nice design features! This was the BEST Blacktron base LEGO ever created! Lots of pieces to create this base or to create whatever you could think of! Great review Jang! My son saw this and instantly wanted to go to the store and buy it! LOL! I had to explain to him that this set is no longer available to buy at stores. He was briefly sad and then went to play with his toys! Kids, you got to love them! LOL!


  2. hi ken
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