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Thursday, January 22, 2015

LEGO Classic Space Walking Astro Grappler from 1985! set 6882

Throwback Thursday?  The cool thing about this is that completes my LEGO Classic Space major release set collection through 1985.  About a dozen more to complete it all!


  1. Hey Jang, I've got a question for your Q and A. How do you polish trans clear windshields? In my experience classic lego windshields and such are heavily scratched. So how do you make them shine again?


  2. Good question. I have this issue with my classic Lego sets. They were not kept in perfect conditions and now all trans clear windshields and windows are heavy scratched. I have no idea to make them clear again. Any suggestions Jang?
    Another issue is that now I can see that Lego used in the past in one set parts made in different time. This is especially visible on white pieces. I have plane set, all parts were kept together in the same conditions, but now when you compare 2 bottom parts of plane: one is still perfectly white, second part is yellowish (this part is either much older or made from different material).