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Friday, January 16, 2015

LEGO City Demolition Site review! set 60076

Hooray!  More sets from my favorite LEGO theme have arrived.  I'm starting with the big one!


  1. Hey Jang I can't wait for my region to get this did a great job I know that what I am about to say is off topic but when are you going to start back up your Jang speaks blog again?

  2. Hello Jang, My son is currently constructing this set (he's on hour 5, bag 6) as he received it for an early 5th birthday gift (he turns 5 on April 1). He has possibly spent as many hours building LEGO as he has watching your reviews. Today, as he has been building, he has been quoting you. "Mom, Jang says that you need to test the demolition site by resetting it like a mousetrap." This is one of many "JangBricks moments". He really adores your reviews and gets many ideas for making his own Lego creations. If you have a chance to wish him a Happy Birthday on April 1st that would probably mean more to him than if President Obama, the Avengers, and Obi-Wan Kenobi came to his birthday party! His name is Ronan. And he loooooooves LEGO.

  3. Hi Jang, My almost 5 year old son is currently on hour 5, Bag 6 of this kit and is so super excited. He spends hours each day playing LEGO and requests to watch your videos over and over again. Many times he's called me over to quote you and just now, as he assembled the demo site he said, "Hey mom, Jang says you need to reset this like a mousetrap." He has even started making his own LEGO creations and asks to make review videos and his review style emulates your own. If you have a chance to give him a birthday shout on on April 1st, he'd be beside himself. It would be better than having the Avengers and Obi-Wan Kenobi at his birthday party! His name is Ronan and he's turning 5 on April 1. Thanks Jang. We'll keep watching!