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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mega Bloks Call of Duty Nuketown review! set 6878

Highly anticipated set based on a much-loved old multiplayer map.  Does it live up to expectations?

Don't let the double rainbow and silence fool you. Nuketown is anything but tranquil! The town was a nuclear testing site in the 1950's and demonstrates the effects of an atomic weapon on a residential neighborhood. A clocktower stands at the corner of Trinity Avenue and Latchkey Road, showing the countdown to detonation. The streets are blocked off with barbed wire barricades making it difficult to reach the fully buildable two-story green house. Two super-poseable micro action figures are armed and ready to survey the debris. Send the soldiers into the house to take sniper shots through shattered windows, duck behind eerie mannequins and flee using the fire escape. 
Ideal for ages 12 and up 
  • Buildable Nuketown with 1950s style house with white picket fence, a clock tower, street sign and barbed wire barricade
  • Two highly detailed and super-poseable micro action figures with detachable accessories
  • Two micro mannequins
  • Full-assembly sniper and assault rifles with high-powered scopes
  • 689 pieces


  1. Thanks for the Video it was great

  2. if they were trying to make it like this they went well but to me it is short and not so spacious, but if you have problems with space then this would be good for you but it isnt to good for me, In My Opinion.