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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LEGO Medevac / Air Ambulance Helicopter MOC

As promised. Am I completely happy with it?  No, definitely not, but it will have to do for now.  There are a lot of things about it that seem obvious to change to a casual observer's eye, that physically cannot be corrected due to the limitations of structure & proportions beneath the surface.

I'm doing something a little different with this MOC, though, in letting viewers directly decide a final detail!

Edit:  I forgot to consider that many viewers probably have never seen the style of helicopter I'm going for.  It's not supposed to look like a standard, long-fuselage, large-tail heli :)  The MD NOTAR air ambulances have a very plain cylindrical tail with a fuselage that terminates quite prematurely compared to the "norm."  A couple examples:


  1. The right side is more traditional, and more close to the realist thing.
    The left is a bit fancy, but more correct for the pilote to be able to see what hapening around him.

    So I would say left because ... hey it's a MOC not an official ;-) and moreover the pilote head will certainly be more visible (also maybe more easy to put in with our big fig fingers ^^)

  2. I'd say right hand side, it makes it more believable, with a motor that looks like its powerful. Both sides are cool tbh, right side gets my vote

  3. This is a lethal air helicopter jang I wish I had it you make the best things ever I can't wait to see the hospital finished

  4. I love this helicopter I wish I had it you made another lethal creation great creations jang

  5. why not make a helo helicopter you know can be both plane and helicoper

  6. I believe the type of helicopter you maybe referingto is known as an Eurocopter 135/145 has rear loading and a high tail. Helicopters are a pain to get "canopy" to work right, in my MOC building.

    1. Me? I was referring to an MD NOTAR chopper like the MD900.

  7. I love it, like to have the instructions!!!