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Friday, October 24, 2014

LEGO custom Hospital MOC progress - Step 1

It begins... again!  You followed the build of my zoo, you followed the build of my mall, and now you can follow the build of the hospital I've been talking about since at least early March of 2013.

I have no idea how long this will take, but when there's progress, you'll see it :)


  1. looks like it will be very cool

  2. please tell me your making a heli pad on the roof and you should start making the monorail station ok great and your the best

  3. I can't wait until the hospital is done

  4. I assume this will be finished quicker than the Zoo and Mall, seeing as it is (so far) looking the same size as the fire department and police station. By the way, love the idea of putting the hospital extremely close to the police station and fire department. That way, if there's an emergency, they all leave at the same time! Brilliant!

    Also, I know you don't take suggestions, but you might want to add a coffee shop to your city, as they are in every city, and can be finished quickly.

  5. what is with slave leia chained up