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Friday, October 3, 2014

How to Restore Discolored LEGO Parts!

Here's just my second general how-to video for LEGO maintenance.  I use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution to safely & almost completely reverse yellowing of old parts. White & gray parts show their age in the most obvious way, but this technique works on all colors, and I'm especially happy with past results with blue pieces and transparent windows & windscreens.

Your mileage may vary!  In this video I show exactly what I, personally, do, and I also show the very real results.  It's important to be attentive during the process, as there are a number of easy mistakes that can negatively affect the outcome.  I hope this is helpful!


  1. Hello, I have a lot of bricks that could use a restoration. If I put a pile of several inches in a tub, will they all be restored or only those facing UV light? Best regards, Andy, Belgium.

  2. You will need to stir them up for the process to work evenly as I found out when I did my in a large clear salad container in my driveway under the summer sun. I used a big wok spoon to stir them up every once in a while. Good luck

  3. Hello Jang,
    After you H2O2 whiten your old yellowed white bricks, have they ever turned back to yellowed again? I have had this problem and wonder if there is a way to make them stay white. Thank you.

  4. Hi,
    Not a direct comment, but rather a set of questions, as I have recently returnd to legos as an AFOL.
    1. What types of plastic crate, which seems to have a griddle in them, are you using?
    2. What type of UV-light panel are you using, what is the effect etc?
    3. Have you placed the crates directly on the light panels or are they suspended?
    4. Do you have any reflective materials in the crate covers or use a top side light panel as well?