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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My full Mega Bloks Halo minifig collection as of Sep. 1, 2014!

Enough time has passed since my last Halo minifigure collection update and I've been receiving requests for a new one for months, so here it is, with now over 460 distinctly different, official Mega Bloks figures on display.

Do note that the video has three errors, which were quickly corrected afterwards:

  1. My articulated (Broadsword set) Master Chief was absent, posing for his armor lockup photos.
  2. During a quick cleanup, Spartan Davis and the yellow articulated Mk. VI Spartan got swapped.
  3. There are two 2014 UNSC Marine figures on display that should be considered identical.  One has a new leg pouch and the brown colors on the helmets are divergent due to production variance, but these are really supposed to be the same figure, so I've removed one.

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