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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ionix buildable Pokemon Pikachu & Pancham vs. Eevee sets reviewed!

Spinmaster's Ionix brand of brick-based construction toys started out with just their own in-house Tenkai Knights theme, but they've since started branching out to licensed franchises.  Their latest foray is into the vastly popular & storied world of Pokemon, so I thought I'd try out a couple of the new sets to see how well they turned out.  The verdict?  Not so hot.

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  1. Jang, this set may not be very good in terms of play value, but for a stop motion artist like myself, these sets are amazing. Try reviewing the bulbasaur to mega venusaur set. Even though it is fragile, it is worth the money and has good poseability. Please try to mention how sets can be used in movies in some reviews as it would really help me and many others decide what to buy. Thanks!