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Thursday, September 25, 2014

I fell behind!

Yikes!  I've kept videos coming on YouTube, but I've been lagging on posting to the blog!  Bad Jang, bad!  Sorry about that!  I've had a little more than usual going on in the everything-other-than-construction-toys part of my life, plus some of my nighttime free time has been consistently eaten up by the game Destiny (which I'm still thoroughly enjoying no matter how many people make a career out of complaining about it).

Things are settling down a bit in general, though, so I should be getting back on point.  I'm happy to be finding more time and inspiration to work on MOCs, so there's good stuff in the cards for my custom city for the remainder of the year!

In other news, yes, Bionicle is official, I am well aware :)  My thoughts haven't really changed, some stuff I expected has simply been confirmed by leaked photos.  I'll try to do a small updated writeup on the topic soon.


  1. It's all good - we still love ya ;)

  2. I don't get the big hype about Bionicle... I had a couple of Bionicle sets a few years ago... they weren't the greatest.. i guess I am just a Lego system kinda guy.. Anyways, keep making MOCs because that what we like the best! :)

  3. You ought to try making mocs of the new bionicle sets!

  4. Glad to hear you are back in the "game"...My son, almost 7, is a huge fan of your site and your videos. He has about 170 sets, mostly City - with a few Creator, Technics and Lego Movie sets amongst them. We now have three of the IKEA tables and he is setting up his own custom City.
    Just thought you'd like to know you are an inspiration to this young Lego builder.

  5. You enabled comments once more without google profile. Nice. JANG, your creations are awesome and amazing like always! Invested in 2 Benny´s Spaceships the other day, your review always made me want them as I realized what a great set they are for both its official playability but just the parts and elements that come along with it is wow. Also been investing in some other sets lately. Best wishes / LhD

  6. LOL. Bad Jang Bad.

    But seriously, it's okay. I was a bit concerned, at one point even thinking you'd given up on the blog, but then this post came.

    Also, I love your reviews, especially how you're completely honest about something.