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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mega Bloks Hierarch's Shadow minor update

Immediately after wrapping up my Hierarch's Shadow Convoy review, I found myself unable to escape a burning desire to see the vehicle with an open cockpit and more substantial turret.  I still planned to quickly disassemble the thing (as usual), though, so I invested only a brief bit of time a desk with a spare parts bin to make just a few small changes to put my curiosity to rest.

First I cobbled together a canopy shape that'd leave the elevated driver fully visible from the sides, with a minor reshape to the "b-pillars" to ease the transition.  This happened to accommodate a small console screen and more appropriate forward-mounted control sticks.

The chin is the wrong shape, now, and it really needs a complete redesign of the front end to accommodate a protruding lower bumper section, but again, the whole thing just exists on borrowed time, awaiting prompt dis-assembly.

Next I put together a basic rotating shade turret with the inverted barrel orientation.

Of course, the easier option would have been to simply attach the full turret from the Cobra set, but that has the barrels set up the wrong way for the Shadow, stands the figure up taller, and adds more length which really asks for a slightly higher mounting point to allow it to rotate freely.  The Shadow model being as scaled-down as it is, it needs a small turret, to my eyes.  I'm sure a lot of folks will prefer the official assembly below, though.

Beyond these two main things, I very slightly reshaped the four stability pods, lowered the passenger deck by a plate to allow jackals to fit better and widened it by a stud per side, and covered some exposed studs & holes all around various parts of the model.  The end result is something that's not better than the official Shadow kit, it's just something with which I, personally, am a little more happy.


  1. I really like the changes you made to the vehicle.
    The Covenant army has been lacking in troop and equipment transport until now.
    Great job, JANG!

  2. nice job jang you should have made the turret smaller though !!!!! :)

  3. can you make a video showing how?