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Thursday, August 7, 2014

K'Nex Titanfall Ultimate Angel City Campaign set Review! 69500

You may have seen this by now, as I started the upload & auto-publish last night and simply walked away from the computer.  I bought this solely in response to viewer requests, going straight for the biggest set in the line!  The sheer volume of licensed Titanfall merchandise that comes out of this one box is rather astonishing, but I'm afraid not all is well in Angel City.

Official set description:

Maneuver through the war-torn streets of Angel City in the K'NEX Titanfall™ Ultimate Angel City Campaign building set! Battle your Titans in the ruined terrain of the city, jump your Pilots between buildings, and arm your weapons to continue the battle between the IMC and Militia forces. Includes 1200+ pieces that build 2 12" tall Titans; 6 Figures including Pilots and Spectres; and an assortment of working weapons and stationary turrets. Exclusive decals on the city walls mimic the look of Angel City while the features of the set allow your pilot to run along walls and jump between buildings. Complete the Ultimate Angel City campaign and continue the battle between the IMC and Militia. Ages 8+

  • Exclusive decals and buildable terrain re-create Angel City
  • Includes 1200+ Pieces
  • 2 Buildable Titans that stand 12" high
  • Features 6 figures
  • Working weapons and stationary turrets included
  • Features included allow Pilots to run along walls and jump between buildings
  • Ages 8+

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