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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mega Bloks 97515 Containment Outpost Patrol set review!

My apologies to the viewers who don't like Mega Bloks sets, but I went through the massive LEGO new release review season and now we're in Mega Bloks new release season.  It also doesn't hurt that Mega Bloks has stepped up their product features and quality significantly this season, and they're doing a lot of sets that I personally very much enjoy :)  This one here is supposedly a Target stores exclusive in the US, and it's the first one I've gotten my hands on with glow-in-the-dark "zombie" figures with the new articulation system & removable armor.  The set also has one very, very nice & valuable surprise.

Hold off the approaching zombie threat with the Mega Bloks Halo Containment Outpost Patrol! Three orange-armored Spartans defend a two-level structure, but when the Spartan Commando and Spartan Scout become infected, the remaining Spartan HAZOP enters the Zombie Containment Cyclops to fire back with the arm-mounted energy cannon. Continue the fight and contain the infected masses!

Ideal for ages 8 and up!
  • Fully buildable Zombie Containment Cyclops and two-level outpost with rotating turret
  • Recreate the infection of UNSC Spartans!
  • Spartan Commando and Spartan Scout can change from an uninfected orange to glow-in-the-dark zombie armor
  • Orange-armored UNSC Spartan HAZOP with Sniper Rifle
  • Set includes Energy Swords, a Flame Thrower, a Jet Pack and Grenades
  • For the ultimate Mega Bloks Halo Zombie experience, combine with the Last Man Standing Zombie Pack II and Containment Armory sets.


  1. Jang you should never apologize for doing your own thing. This is your website/youtube page, all content posted is what YOU are interested in. If your viewers don't like or are not interested in something you post, then they don't need to watch it! Personally, I am not a fan of Megabloks either, but I am also not a fan of certain Lego sets. I will only watch only the videos that I am interested in and I won't complain if I don't like something- this is YOUR page.
    Regardless, thanks for everything you do on this site- it is AWESOME!!

  2. Jang; you may not know this, but your videos and reviews have helped me choose my favourite Halo sets. Keep on rockin'!

  3. I love the Halo Zombies sets