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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

LEGO Chima 70209 Chi Mungus review!

Here's another Legends of Chima Summer 2014 release in the buildable "constraction" action figure sub-series.  It's an interesting character, but I think they made some questionable decisions when creating this super-sized version.  What do you think?

Official LEGO description:
Freeze rival tribes with CHI Mungus, the mighty leader of the Mammoth tribe! This buildable CHI-powered warrior breathes ice and will send a chill through the hearts of his opponents. Activate the playable CHI function to pop the CHI orb out from his chest armor. Move his strong, flexible limbs into awesome action poses and strike with the giant ice mallet. There’s nothing woolly about this menacing Mammoth!


  1. i never saw these where i live. are they only in certain areas?