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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Two more LEGO City 2014 Arctic set reviews are up!

These are the last two sets of this theme that I have in hand, but of course I'll be looking out for the others, especially the ship!


  1. I love the whole arctic line! Thanks for exposing them for their greatness JANG!

  2. Hi jang! These new sets will come in my country only in september, meanwhile i am happy to look your videos! Dear jang thanks for what you do. Caesar, italy

  3. Jang,

    I really like where Lego is going with the Helicrane but feel they haven't capitalised on all its potential.

    - Its cargo really should sit firm and lock into the airframe when winched all the way up.

    - Being able to swap to wheels

    - Use the spring loaded winch instead of manual one.

    - Instead of branded to Arctic it was branded to Air Cargo.

    This way the cargo really could be anything and the Helicrane could be contracted to a multitude of Lego City themes.

    It could simple lift a cargo crate that has a couple of pallets in it, it could have a water tank for fire fighting, it could lift logs for the loggers ir even a small remote office for them. As long as each module is based on the cargo container, then anything's possible.

    What are your thoughts and do you think its possible to make the mods I've suggested on a set this size?



  4. hello jang i think i have discovered a Lego city arctic set you have not reviewed yet. I don't want to seem rude i just wanted to ask whether you left this set out on purpose or if it has not been released in the usa yet but i had found it on a Uk ToysRus website it is named as "arctic supply plane" set number "60064". As i said before i don't want to be considered rude or offend you in any way. I appreciate all the great entertainment you offer for free and enjoy following your blog. Btw your mall is looking amazing and i cant wait to see the finished thing, and what is there not to love about classic space and then you put them in a layout xDD any way thanks a million for the hard work and effort you put into the blog and reviewing the sets and filming and film editing ect :)