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Sunday, May 11, 2014

LEGO City 60035 Arctic Outpost review!

I find it very odd that LEGO chose the Summer, of all seasons, to release a whole line of sets (two, actually, if you include Chima) devoted to frozen plains & digging through ice. Nevertheless, the sets do look quite nice, and here's my first review of one of 'em, with all of the rest to come soon!


  1. in my country, its actually winter! Now it makes a little more sense,am i right?

  2. love the truck in this! i used to love the old arctic sets, though i only had a few of the smaller sets. just a shame the huskies are in the expensive sets :(. lego and Huskies: my two favorite things

  3. It!s beautiful!! Thanks jang! I love new city arctic! Caesar from Modena, Italy